What if Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia unite?

What if Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia unite?

Why not all the big African countries of the Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia unite and create an African union among them that can be called the African Union, why not the conflict and competition between them turn into a military socio – political economic integration, imagine if this union were to take place, it would be the largest union in the region and could be one of the biggest alliances in the world in the near future. My vision for the States of the African Union could be based on three main areas: the economy, energy and industry. The Sudan is the most prominent player in the role of agriculture, given its vast and fertile agricultural land, which allows the cultivation of crops as diverse as its soil. The second pole in the African Union is Ethiopia, which is rich in abundant freshwater, its plains, elevations, slopes and dams that can provide sufficient energy to contribute to agriculture in the Sudan.


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