The story of all roads leads to the Sambeck

The story of all roads leads to the Sambeck

I lived and grew a baby, a young boy, a passionate boy, and a young man, as soon as I had hope, ambition and nugget, I lived like a wet breeze, quiet, moving and even positive.
Until my happiness provoked a person who was so pitiful of me that I stirred the seeds of hatred in his dormant heart, and I shrugged off his lousy, failed eeriences, fragments of black in the bleach that’s inside towards my dreamy, successful experience.
It’s as if he directed the energy of failure against me, making my whole life laugh at him, and when he failed in his quest, he sought to destroy me to get me out of the field of life so that he would stay in front alone to take everything to take glory and matter in his sick imagination.

It was so uncanny of me that you made me count a thousand accounts that prevented me from extending a bad hand with the right to lift the grievance, while he kept committing all the ways to abort my name under every defect and sanctity and all the moral and divine values.
I no longer have a way but to leave my path of success.


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